Tom "durrrr" Dwan Ends 18 Hour Session Up $1.1 Million

Tom Dwan is back to his best with his $1 Million win today
Ben Tollerene certainly helped Dwan entertain the railbirds today with his 18 hr nosebleed PLO session

It hadn't been an especially auspicious start for Tom "durrrr" Dwan for his second stint as a Full Tilt professional, as until yesterday he was one of the biggest losers at the site since the relaunch. What a difference a day makes as after his $200k day yesterday Mr Dwan has just left the tables after a near 18 hour shift which netted him $1.05 million.

For the entire time durrrr sat at two heads up $300/$600 PLO tables with fellow US pro Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene in a swingy match in which Dwan first took the lead before being pinned back by Tollerene who held the advantage for much of the match. At the end of their epic encounter Tollerene had carved out a hard fought $200k win. The match also brought the two biggest pots of the day so far;

A dream flop for Dwan who flops trips and scoops this $295.4k pot after a pre-flop raising war

Cooler for durrrr as he turns trip 8's with an Ace kicker only to find his opponent had turned a full house which holds up as they run the river twice - $236.6k pot

Where durrrr made his money was at the 2-7 Triple Draw NL tables. In a 14 hour session playing against the likes of Sauce1234, patpatpanda, OMGClayAiken, punting-peddler, Rui Cao, trex313 and others he was the overwhelming winner, taking around $1.3m in the games, sitting with huge stacks at multiple tables.

The game plays so much bigger than its limit counterpart and seems tailor-made for Dwan's hyper aggressive style. There were numerous six figure pots with Dwan opting to shove whenever he sensed weakness or thought he'd get paid off - and it just happened to be one of those days wher he nearly always did.

In fact, he could have left the tables with approximately half a million dollars more but started to lose a little during the final stages of play. Sensing his run might be coming to an end Dwan wisely retreated from the tables, a cool seven figures better off than he had been almost a full day before.

Check out the live results to have a lot at how much Durrrr profited at each specific table of his marathon session.


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