Phil "Polarizing" Ivey Wins $582k as durrrr Hits a Rough Patch

You cant keep a good man down as Phil "Polarizing" Ivey made a great comeback at Full Tilt yesterday

The 2-7 NL tables continue to provide the bulk of the big scores in the online world at the moment and it was at the $150/$300 tables where most of yesterday's damage was done as Phil "Polarizing" Ivey took a big chunk back from the $1m he has dropped over the past few days at Full Tilt - winning $582.1k

In an 8.5 hour session starting in the morning Ivey won just short fo $500k in more high octane action playing against the likes of durrrr, patpatpanda, punting-peddler and trex313. He also enjoyed a $95k session in a late night session to seal a great day.

After his two day winathon over the weekend it hasn't been such a great day for durrrr as he ended as by far the day's biggest loser, dropping $693k - meaning he has dropped close to $900k in the past couple of days. However, in the games today so far he is the biggest winner with over $300k in profit so far.

After Polarizing the only other six figure winners in the 2-7 NLg games were trex313 (+$180.5k) and patpatpanda (+$124.6k) while the other two six figure winners were also to be found at Full Tilt in other games. Sanlker won $111.4k playing durrrr at $300/$600 NLHE (although today he lost that back with considerable interest to Mr Dwan) and a $107.9k win for Patrik "Finddagrind" Antonius at the $1500/$300 2-7 tables against PostFlopAction.

The NLHE match between durrrr and Sanlker produced the two biggest recorded hands yesterday;

durrrr flops trips and gets paid off on every street in this $178k pot

Cooler for durrrr as his KK is beaten as Sanlker flops bottom set to take this $150.9k pot

Come back tomorrow to find out how your favourites fared today;

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Polarizing +$582.1k
trex313 +$180.5k
patpatpanda +$124.6k
Sanlker +$111.4k

To see all the winners and loser from yesterday's game see our results page or to keep up to date with the current action check out the live results section


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