Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond Crushes the Competition for $390k

Phil Galfond brought home another big win yesterday as his 2013 winnings at Full Tilt close in on $1.5m

Yesterday saw some great six max  $1500/$300 2-7 Triple Draw action over at Full Tilt with several full tables running during the afternoon/evening sessions.

Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond was the biggest winner, taking c.$370k from the games which featured the likes of punting-peddler, patpatpanda, mastrblastr, Polarizing, Isildur1, FinddaGrind and trex313.

In fact, almost as big a winner in these games was Viktor "Isildur1" Blom who won around $330k from these games before moving on to other things.

It was in fact a real roller coaster of a day for the young Swede as his day started about as badly as it could have done, with two losing sessions just after midnight server time where he lost over $180k - including a $150k FLO8 defeat at the hands of Phil "Polarizing" Ivey. When he came back to the tables 23 hours later he proceeded to run over the triple draw tables as previously mentioned before hoping on to three $200/$400 PLO tables with arch rival Sauce1234. The game, which lasted around an hour was brutal for Isildur1 who this time had to suffer the wrong end of variance as Sauce ran c.$160k over all in EV as well as putting some pretty big coolers on his opponent. In just an hour Sauce1234 won $184k from Isildur, who once again went into negative funds for the day.

The two biggest pots of the day both went to Sauce1234 from this match - and as it happens neither were coolers or bad beats, just busted river bluffs from Isildur1;

Isildur1 makes a play as the river pairs the board - not a good move - $115.2k pot to Sauce1234

Once again Isildur1 plays the river bluff realising it's the only way he might win the pot - he doesn't. $99.2k pot

Isildur1 then got involved in some heads up triple draw and FLO playing Scott "mastrblastr" Seiver and Kyle "KPR16" Ray and after some ups and downs walked away a decent winner in these games to end the day an $82k winner - the first time he's strung two winning days together for some time.

The only other player to make a six figure score yesterday was over at PokerStars where SleepvsMe who won $142.8k, almost exclusively at the $400/$800 mixed games.

With Isildur1 with a little bit of a roll on the go it's no surprise that he's already been very active this morning at the PLO and triple draw tables. He's currently doing pretty well sitting on over $200k profit for the day - but as anyone who has ever followed Mr Blom will know that figure could either be doubled or completely gone in the time it will take me to publish this report.

Your best bet will be to come back to HSDB tomorrow to see how the high stakes pro's fared.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

OMGClayAiken +$389.7k
Sauce1234 +$184k
SleepvsMe +$142.8k
GSinishtaj +$91.8k
Isildur1 +$82.5k

To see all the winners and loser from yesterday's game see our results page or to keep up to date with the current action check out the live results section


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