WPT Baden Close To The Money After Day 2

Chip leader Bodo Sbrzesny

This event is now finished. To read all our updates check these links here  and here

Day 2 is complete at WPT Baden and the bubble is looming. There are just 17 players still to be eliminated before those who remain will get paid.

When Austria was added to the list of countries the World Poker Tour would be visiting in 2011, it was the capital city that was awarded the tournament and it proved to be a popular venue (555 entries that year.) This year the tournament was relocated a few miles south to Baden, and with limited success it would seem as there have been only 254 entries for the €3,300 main event. That figure includes 24 re-entries by players who busted on day 1a and bought back in for 1b so in fact there were only 230 individuals taking part.

The most notable moment during the starting days was a royal flush for WPT Prague third place finisher Bodo Sbrzesny who binked it on the turn towards the end of day 1b. Fortunately for him he found someone to pay it off as well as Christian Golob got it all in drawing dead with bottom set. That pot set Sbrzesny well on his way to being amongst the chip leaders, but it was Finland’s Kimmo Kurko who would carry the biggest stack forward to day 2 with 149,700 (250 big blinds.)

Whilst Kurko steadily added to that total on Friday, the day belonged to Sbrzesny who again hit some big hands and again found players with the second best hand passing their chips to him. Despite suffering from a heavy cold throughout the day’s play, everything else has been going Sbrzesny’s way and at the conclusion of day 2 he held the chip lead with 403,000 (168 BBs.) Very close behind is Germany’s Vishal Punjabi on 401,000 whilst his fellow countryman “Mad” Marvin Rettenmeier is looking dangerous with a stack of 248,500 (average stack is 173,181.)

44 players remain going into day 3, from whom 27 will get paid. It’s only a relatively small prize pool for a WPT event and some who make the final table will barely be making enough to cover the cost of a high roller tournament buy in, but whoever takes the title will have $271,258 heading their way plus a seat at the championship event at Bellagio in May.


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