WPT Baden Update

Mad Marvin Rettenmaier
Chip leader Vladimir Bozinovic

The bubble has burst and 20 remain at WPT Baden where Marvin Rettenmaier is going deep yet again.

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For many players in Baden today was make or break day as the bubble burst and those who remained in their seats until the end took a significant step towards a WPT title. 44 players started the day and of those, 17 departed the tournament without picking anything up from the cage on the way out. Those starting the day with shorter stacks would have feared the worst in advance, but one player who nobody thought would be leaving empty handed was Vishal Pundjabi. He returned to the tables at the start of day 3 with just one big blind less than the chip leader, but over the course of two hours haemorrhaged the lot and was left to mull over how he might have done things differently.

The man who started above Pundjabi at the start of the day was Bodo Sbrzesny and he continued to build until he tangled with “Mad” Marvin Rettenmaier in a huge pot. In what was probably the hand of the day Sbrzesny came over the top of a raise and a 3 bet with a cold 4 bet from the cut off. At this point Rettenmaier slipped in a cold 5 bet from the button which was enough to see off the first two into the pot. Sbrzesny was going nowhere though and called both the 5 bet and the continuation bet on the flop. Mad Marvin wasn’t backing off though and his shove on the turn finally got Sbrzesny off his hand. Long after everybody else had gone on break Bodo eventually mucked his cards, at which point Rettenmaier flipped over his cards - no pair, no draw. Just ace high and some massive kahunas.

That briefly put Marvin as chip leader but a loss with AK versus AK to Martin Staszko meant that the process of rebuilding will have to start all over again when he returns on day 4. Instead it is Serbian player Vladimir Bozinovic who carries the biggest stack over to the penultimate day with 975,000 chips (122 big blinds.) Rettenmaier (261,000) and Sbrzesny (242,000) are still in with a shout as the final 20 return to play down to a final table on Saturday.

Everybody is now guaranteed a minimum of $10,760 and the top prize to be awarded on Sunday will be $271,258.


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