Isildur1 Comeback Continues As He Wins $570k After a Long Day

Finally a good day for Isildur1 who ended the day a $570k winner at Full Tilt yesterday

After threatening to make a big score a number of times over the past few days Viktor "Isildur1" Blom finally ended a day with a fine score, taking $570.2k in winnings.

It was a typically long day for the young Swede who played twice as many hands as any of the other top 20 winners yesterday. He played PLO, triple draw and FLO8 - winning at all three disciplines. He was the days biggest triple draw winner, third biggest PLO winner, and third biggest FLO8 winner.

He started the day well, taking six figures from Rui Cao at the $1500/$300 2-7 Triple Draw tables before taking on Phil "Polarizing" Ivey heads up simultaneously at a TD and FLO8 table in a very swingy match, which eventually ended with Polarizing taking Blom for around $100kIsildur1 had better luck against FinddaGrind, winning a six figure sum playing triple draw as well as at the PLO tables, and also against Kyle "KPR" Ray, whom he also took for six figures at the FLO8 tables.

As per usual it was the PLO tables which provided the most high octane action with over 20 six figure pots occurring during the course of the days play, with Blom active in many of these pots. However, even though he was the third biggest PLO winner for the day, Blom only won $29k at the Omaha table (the only big winner at PLO yesterday was patpatpanda who won $163k of his $315.5k haul at the Omaha tables). Here are the two biggest pots of the day;

The sickest of coolers for Isildur1 as he flops top set, and turns top full house only to find himself up against patpatpanda's quad tens - $246.2k pot

patpatpanda is fortunate to win both runs at this $221.2k pot

Here is Isildur1's biggest pot of the day;

Isildur1 rivers the nuts and gets paid off by FinddaGrind in this $184k pot

There was also a big win yesterday for cottonseed1 who only played two tables - winning $296k of his $343.1k playing FLO8 heads up against Erik1223.

The other six figure winners yesterday were Polarizing, who followed up his near $300k win on Thursday with a $116.2k win and it was another good day for Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond who made a $102k win during two brief 2-7 triple draw sessions.

The action is back and in full flow today with both Polarizing and OMGClayAiken both big winners so far, with Isildur1 not faring so well. Still, it is early days for Blom who no doubt is up for yet another long day at the tables. Come back tomorrow to see how all the days action went down.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$570.2k
cottonseed1 +$343.1k
patpatpanda +$315.5k
Polarizing +$116.2
OMGClayAiken +$102k

To see all the winners and loser from yesterday's games see our results page or to keep up to date with the current action check out the live results section


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