OMGClayAiken Steams Ahead Winning $485k While Isildur1 Goes Back to Square One

Phil Galfond cant keep away from the top of the daily leader boards at the moment as once again his triple draw play puts him above the rest
Not such good news for Viktor Blom who had enjoyed 4 winning days this week until his crash and burn yesterday

Once again Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond sits atop the daily leaderboard after bringing in a $484.7k win yesterday, meaning that despite enduring a $630k loss on Wednesday he is still a $660k winner over the past week.

Galfond started the day about as well as he could have, starting a heads up game of triple draw with Isildur1 at just past midnight and taking $142k in just over 30 hands in a quick 20 minute demolition. In fact, before 2am Galfond had already won over $300k at the 2-7 TD tables, playing against the likes of Isildur1, FinddaGrind, patpatpanda and Polarizing.

Galfond also played for around 5 hours during an afternoon session, winning at 4 of the 5 tables he played, including a c.$20k win at an FLO8 table before logging off for the day in the early evening a $485k winner for the day.

After two days in which he lost close to $900k, Kyle "KPR16" Ray will be relieved to have had a good day yesterday as he closed in on Galfond's total for the day as he won $436k through three big FLO8 table scores, each one a six figure win. Isildur1 was by far the biggest loser in the FLO8 games, losing $450k in them yesterday. He was also one of the biggest draw losers, dropping $238k. In total Blom lost $687.3k, losing much of the $840k he'd won over the previous five days. Today he's been briefly spotted at the $25/$50 PLO tables, obviously looking to rebuild for another shot at the big time.

The other really big winner yesterday was Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau who won $383.9k at the triple draw tables yesterday. This win puts Luneau over the $1m in winnings mark for February.

There were two other six figure winners yesterday as Phil "Polarizing" Ivey who won $177k playing in the TD and mixed games. Ivey has now won close to $600k over the past three days, continuing his comeback after a frankly disasterous 2013 at Full Tilt so far. SallyWoo was the other six figure winner yesterday, adding $159.4k to his bankroll at the FLO8 tables. After Isildur1's big loss yesterday, SallyWoo is now the biggest winner since the relaunch of Full Tilt with $2.159m in winnings.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

OMGClayAiken +$484.7k
KPR16 +$436k
Alexonmoon +$383.9k
Polarizing +$177.1k
SallwWoo +$159.4k

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