Vladimir Bozinovic Wins WPT Baden 2013

New champion Vladimir Bozinovic

It was a final table full of twists and turns with plenty decided by luck rather than skill, but we finally have a new 2013 WPT champion at Baden, Austria

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Day 4 at WPT Baden began with 20 players, and the two who were the centre of attention for most were double WPT champion Marvin Rettenmaier and compatriot Bodo Sbrzesny who just recently took 3rd place at WPT Prague. Sbrzesny was unable to get much going and ended up shoving his K 3 into Paul Berende and finding that he was dominated when the Dutchman called. Rettenmaier similarly found himself in bad shape when he got it all in pre-flop aginst the same opponent holding AQ against Berende’s K K. Similar chance for the two of them but very different outcomes as Mad Marvin found the ace he needed to double up whilst Sbrzesny headed for the door.

Chip leader at the start of the day Vladimir Bozinovic was having another storming day, keeping himself well ahead of the pack until he tangled with Rettenmaier towards the end of the day. In fact Bozinovic was well ahead when he got the chips in pre-flop holding A Q to Marvin’s K 9 but when you’re running hot, such things as probability are no impediment. A king on the river saw Rettemaier double his stack and reel Bozinovic in such that when the day ended soon afterwards there was far less between the two than there had been for the majority of the day.

Adrian Appman’s elimination in 7th place ended the day’s play with the stacks looking like this:

Vladimir Bozinovic – 1,985,000

Marvin Rettenmaier – 1,565,000

Paul Berende – 1,305,000

Oswin Ziegelbecker – 1,150,000

Kimmo Kurko – 1,090,000

Grzegorz Wyraz – 550,000

Everyone was in with a chance but few would have been keen on taking on Marvin Rettenmaier in the form he was in. After Wyraz had bust in 6th Kimmo Kurko did just that though fairly on at the final table when Rettenmaier 3 bet shoved on him and Kurko made the call with A Q. It was in great shape against Rettenmaier’s K Qand this time there was to be no lucky escape for Mad Marvin who came up just short in pursuit of his third WPT title in the space of twelve months, finishing 5th in Baden.

Despite taking that big pot, Kurko was next to be eliminated when once again the play went raise/shove/call, this time with Bozinovic as his opponent. The Serbian had suffered the previous day at the hands of Rettenmaier’s Kbut this time it was his turn to suck out with the same hand, sending Kurko to the rail for a 4th place finish worth $81,034.

So that left the last three remaining participants as Bozinovic, Berende and Ziegelbecker, the latter of whom enjoyed a fortunate double up against Berende with A Qversus A K. However good you are there is still plenty of luck in this game and after enjoying that moment of fortune against Berende, Ziegelbecker had the luck go against him when his A K went down to Bozinovic’s A T after a ten appeared on the turn, leaving us with just two players left.

Berende edged ahead after taking a few small pots, after which the most crucial hand of the whole tournament played out between the two. Again it went raise/shove/call and Berende fliiped over A Q to dominate Bozinovic’s Q J. A flop of T 9 2 gave Bozinovic plenty of options to turn things around, which he duly did when the 8 appeared on the river.

That straight gave Bozinovic a 5 to 1 chip lead which he duly converted to outright victory when Berende’s shove with A 8 could not find a revenge suck out against A 9. It was a final table full of bad beats and a particularly harsh one for Paul Berende who lost with dominating hands on more than one occasion and was just one card away from being the champion at one point. There’s little room for sentiment in poker though and the records will show that it was Vladimir Bozinovic who finished as champion of WPT Baden, winning $271,258.

Final table payouts from 2013 WPT Baden were:

1 Vladimir Bozinovic $271,258

2 Paul Berende $172,695

3 Oswin Ziegelbecker $111,587

4 Kimmo Kurko $81,034

5 Marvin Rettenmaier $59,496

6 Grzegorz Wyraz $47,820

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