Another Good Day for durrrr - Wins $342k At NLHE, 8-game & Draw

For the second straight day durrrr tops the leader board with an impressive $342k haul

Two days back at the tables after his flurry of huge wins in February and Tom "durrrr" Dwan appears to be crushing once again as he topped the daily leader board for the second consecutive day and his $342k win puts him up over $600k for March so far.

His biggest wins came at the 2-7 NL TD tables where he played at the $150/$300 stakes. He started the day great as his Saturday games spilled over into Sunday and just past midnight server time he took on and defeated Hac "trex313" Dang for just over $100k in an hour and 101 hands of play.

When he returned 10 or so hours later the day didn't start great as he lost c.$20k playing $50/$100 PLO before graduating to the 8-game a couple of hours later where he played for four hours against the likes of patpatpanda, Gus Hansen, DealMeInFast & PostFlopAction making little headway in some swingy games. Dwan also started some NU NHLE vs SanIker during his time at the 8-game tables where he ended up losing c.$40k in over 800 hands across four solid hours of play.

After a couple of hours break durrrr cam back refreshed and proceeded to return to the 8-game where he made a handsome six figure profit. He also rekindled his battle with SanIker where he also won around $100k in close to 7 hours play in which the pair played over 2,000 hands together.

It is from the 11 hours of HU NLHE between these two online warriors where the biggest hands of the day played out;

A very bold shove from Dwan leads to him losing the biggest pot of the day as SanIker had flopped the wheel - $192.5k pot

Again a bold shove from durrrr but this time he gets lucky twice to take this entire $177.4k pot to crack his opponent's wired aces

In fact, at one point he was multi-tabling the 8-game, NLHE and 2-7 NL TD - and he also turned a six figure profit at the TD tables, mainly from Sauce1234 in a $100k session at table Scooby Snack in exactly one hour and 101 hands of play - strangely the exact same number of hands he had taken to rack up his $100k win from trex313 at the start of the day.

We also saw another six figure score from Full Tilt's biggest winner of 2013 so far (although durrrr is close to catching him now), PostFlopAction who netted $171.4k in the 8-game, taking a chunk from Gus Hansen who played almost the entire day but just couldn't get anything going and ended up as the day's biggest loser - dropping $344k, seeing him dip below the -$4m since his return to Full Tilt last November.  Almost half of Hansen's daily loss came at the FLO8 tables where he enabled cottonseed1 to end third on the daily leader board as he beat Hansen and ended the day a $151.7k winner.

Our final six figure winner of the day also came from Full Tilt as allah312 carved out a $125.8k win playing exclusively at the $50/$100 PLO six max tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

durrrr +$342k
PostFlopAction +$171.4k
cottonseed1 +$151.7k
allah312 +$125.8k

To see all the winners and loser from yesterday's games see our results page or to keep up to date with the current action check out the live results section.


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