durrrr and pucylucy in heavy Omaha action!

Full Tilt Poker

We had alot of nice action yesterday and durrrr was doing very well. He played a total amount of 10 sessions yesterday and in the end he was +$427 over the entire day. Almost everything was won against Gus Hansen so he had a very tough day.

Largest Omahahand with durrrr, $129k pot
The flop didn't scare durrrr away, $95k pot


Finally we had some sick action going on at the Omahatables on the prima network. It was the player Undercover vs pucylucy in a $250/500 HU game. At the moment our player don't work with the omahahands on prima but we are working hard to get it fixed. So in just a couple of hours we will include the largest hand from this session.

However, the action was insane. The player pucylucy early started to win big pots and he continue to do this for about four hours. When he stopped playing he had a stack on ~$760k and his results fot the entire day was +$643k. Undercover lost ~$590k and then the player ___Dolly___ also lost a buyin.

Final results

durrr +$427k
pucylucy +$643k 

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