SallyWoo Starts April On Top With a $231.8k Win

A good start to April for SallyWoo who will be hoping to make amends for last months minus seven figure result

March is most likely a month SallyWoo would like to forget as the FLO8 specialist ended up as a $1m loser, thanks largely to his multiple defeats at the hands of Isildur1 so he'll be glad to have started April on a positive note, ending as the day's biggest winner courtesy of a $231.8k heads up win against Gus Hansen.

Things didn't look great for SallyWoo in the early stages of the match as he twice fell to, and then recovered from, a six figure deficit to Hansen during the first half of the match. At this point it was looking like Gus Hansen might finally enjoy a good day at the tables, as he had already taken a six figure win from cottonseed1 earlier in the day. Alas it wasn't to be for the Great Dane as SallyWoo ran away with the remainder of the 2.75 hour match to end a $232k winner. Hansen ended the day a $147.6k loser and is now in serious need of a return to form as the losses just keep on coming for the Full Tilt Professional.

The second biggest high stakes winner yesterday cam from PokerStars, as last years biggest online winner, Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky took on Doug "WCG|Rider" Polk over four tables of $100/$200 NLHE in a two hour session that netted Sauce a $197k profit. This win comes less than a week after Polk inflicted a $211k beating on Sauce at the same stakes. It was Polk who took down the biggest pot of the session however;

WCG|Rider gets maximum value for his top two pair as Sauce123 calls all in on the river with naked top pair - $60.4k pot

All of the day's biggest pots came from yet another round of $500/$1000 CAP PLO between Isildur1 & Bttech86 where the pair traded dozens more $80k pots. Once again Isildur1 was on the bad end of variance running way below EV. Although our results page only shows Bttech86 as a $25k winner yesterday, two of the tables they played were opened at a minute before midnight server time and hence are shown in Sunday's results when Bttech won $254k. Once again the variance really killed Isildur1 in the final stages of the battle as he lost over $300k in the last 20 minutes of the match, including $130k in just 6 hands at table Mordor. During his total loss of $279k over 1.5 hours play, Isildur1 ran $400k below EV, meaning that in his last two encounters with Bttech86 he has lost over $630k while running close to $1m under all in EV - and in a heads up 40bb PLO game your all in EV will pretty much determine whether you win or lose as such a large % of important pots are all in before the river.

The third and final six figure winner yesterday was kaju85 who earned $112.9k playing $50/$100 PLO over at PokerStars. He made some in the ring games but the vast majority of his win came from an early morning heads up battle with egozeem45.

Behind kaju85 we see Kyle "KPR16" Ray who has gained some revenge over the last couple of days over Phil "Polarizing" Ivey as he took another $86.7k from his yesterday after winning considerably more from him over the weekend. At the end of last week Ivey put a big beating on Ray, so he'll no doubt be happy to have repaid the compliment. That win puts KPR16's lifetime high stakes winnings at Full Tilt back over the $1m mark.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

SallyWoo +$231.8k
Sauce123 +$197k
kaju85 +$112.9k
KPR16 +$86.7k

For yesterday's results in full please refer to our results page or for the latest action check out our live results section


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