The Making of Viktor Blom - Part 3 – Back against the wall

In the previous part of the series, Viktor was almost knocked out. He had fallen a long way and he had made a decision that the only way was up. Part III tells a story of just how far a strong mind and an outstanding raw talent can take a man. This and subsequent parts of this series have never been published before.

We are now in the middle of December and I’ve managed to scrape together a bankroll of 15k. Now, my first and only priority is to win steadily and remain calm. I can’t lose this money! If I do, I can say goodbye to poker forever. I deposit 10k to iPoker and leave the computer. I sit at the window and think about the whole situation. I kept thinking to myself that I have to win and not make any mistakes. Trying to boost myself, and at the same time try to prepare for how it would feel to lose everything again.

Starting at 200 NL, I decided that I should stick to HU cash games, after all I had been doing well there before I started playing too high last time. I immediately begin to multi table against the first player I can find but I don’t have a great start and I have to deposit an additional 5k to be able to reload at all tables. All my money is on the tables now, I've got to keep fighting. Every pot is important, and I feel like I really have respect for money this time. I am praying in every coin flip situation!

I start to play and run well again and after two days of grinding at 200NL where I played every minute that I was awake and at as many tables I managed ... I finally get a feeling of relief.

I eventually bounced back enough that I could make some cash outs to pay off some debts.  It feels like the game is going well and I am motivated to play and after a few days I have built up a small bankroll enough to move up to 400 NL. Before I know it I'm up to 600NL. Everything is going so well! I can’t believe it after losing for three consecutive months.

I tried to keep around 20 buy-ins for the levels I played. Things continued to go well as I went through level after level. I was now up to 2000NL. I was starting to get some decent cash in my account and even cashed out a portion of it so I could live again. Then I hit  a small downswing and after the cash outs I was close to busting my entire bankroll in a game against BadBeatPANDA.

It was an incredibly fun game as it was such an aggressive match and we both had small rolls. The swings were huge. We played several tables and one or the other of us were constantly having to split them in order to buy in full at another table. The game swung up and down and my roll went right down to 20-30k. Eventually I turned it around after curcially hitting a straight for my last money and then I went on to build my roll to about 300k during a long session. It was now Friday evening and we were going out. No more poker tonight! It felt so good and take a break. Not even Blackjack ...

When I wake up I keep playing. Things are going well and I’m playing 5000NL with a good bankroll by now but there are no games at 5K NL so I move up 10000NL. The stakes felt too high but I had to play. I end up in a game against pokergirl3, a really good player,  but I managed to take a few buy-ins from him with good timing and a bit of luck.  I 4-bet him with Q5ss in the final pot and the flop comes down 2,3,5. He checks, I check behind. I hit my Q for two pair on the turn and we go all in on the river. It turns out he was holding AA ... It was then that I realized that I ran too well, as did he. He didn’t want to play more and left our tables whining!

Announcement in regards to the remainder of "The Making of Viktor Blom" series:

HighstakesDB have on the 8th of April made the decision to remove parts 4-5 of "The Making of Viktor Blom" series after conversations with the parties involved.

Viktor is happy for parts 1 - 3 to remain as he wrote these pieces himself a few years ago. However, it has been brought to our attention that much of what has been written in subsequent articles is not wholly accurate and as such could be damaging to Viktor's reputation. 

There are certain events/times and people mentioned within the articles that once again, Viktor feels do not need to be discussed. This is out of consideration for both Viktor and the other people concerned. 

If we cannot be sure that what we are publishing is accurate then we feel compelled to agree with Viktor and have therefore decided to respect his wishes and remove the articles for which he isn't personally responsible.

In light of the above, we have also decided not to publish the remainder of the series.

We apologise to our readers who have given us such positive feedback from the series so far and also to anyone mentioned within the articles who may have taken any offence.


Disclaimer: "The making of Isildur1" series was originally published on HighstakesDB has been given exclusive rights to publish the english translated version.


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