Bttech86 is the Comeback King - Wins $1.5m Back from Isildur1

The two rivals

After witnessing Isildur1's extraordinary $1.7m win over Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene on Thursday the American pro managed to reload with Full Tilt account and stage what has to be described as a remarkable comeback, winning back close to $1.5 million from Isildur1 over the course of the past 24 hours.

The pair resumed their ongoing battle yesterday morning and at first it seemed like Isildur1 was going to pick up where he had left off as he raced into a six figure lead. Tollerene pegged him back for a while although soon Isildur1 was up to a $200k advantage and looking strong.

This was as good as it was going to get for the Full Tilt Pro however as Tollerene started  to get the upper hand, winning some decent pots and getting his money in good time after time to establish a six figure lead of his own. Unusually for these matches the win rate seemd to be running in line with EV at this stage of the match.

Of course this did stay the case for very long and by the end of their first 2.5 hour session, Bttech86 had established a c.$290k lead and was running just over $100k to the good.

The pair resumed their match after an hour and a half break and this is where things started to go badly wrong for Isildur1 as in just thirty minutes over two tables Bttech86 added a further $526k to his haul as every pot seemed to go his way. He was making unlikely flushes, rivering higher two pairs and winning coin flip after coin fliip. Although it has to be said that Tollerene also looked to be outplaying his opponent, he was certainly seeing some of the rungood that had propelled Isildur1 to his huge victory on Thursday. By the end of this session Bttech86 was over $800k up in the match and running approximately $400k above EV - so regardless of EV he was still a worthy winner at this stage.

It was to be another 9 hours until the pair met again, this time duking it out for around 4.5 hours of continuous play.

After intially losing another $150k or so for a long stretch of this section of the match it was Isildur1 who had the upperhand as he first clawed back this $150k and then, slowly but surely turned things around to the stage that he was less than $500k in the hole. He had also clawed back a lot of the negative EV and around 3/4 way through the match was only running $200k below expected value.

The final 600 hand of the match however proved fatal to the young Swede's hopes of making a dramatic comeback as he went on a hideous run of cards as now, more than ever, Bttech86 couldn't seem to lose an $80k pot. Time after time he sucked out on his opponent, was holding the high flush draw, making the unlikely set on the turn or river and basically not letting Isildur1 catch a break.

This final quarter of the match saw Isildur1 lose a million dollars in the last couple of hours play and when he finally left the tables he had lost $1.49 million in 2,356 hands while running $900k below EV.

It has to be said that despiet the EV graph Bttech86 was a worthy winner and you have to give him full credit for reloading and coming back to settle the score after such a devasting loss the previous day. One can imagine that despite still being over $200k down in the battle over the past couple of days that Ben Tollerene is currently feeling by far the biggest winner out of the two high stakes phenoms.

Bring on the next round!


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