Isildur1 Dominates The Games Winning $583k

A big day at the tables for Isildur1 who won close to $600k yesterday at Full Tilt Poker

After ten hours at the tables yesterday Viktor "Isildur1" Blom had beaten all-comers and walked away a $583k win at the PLO, FLO8 and Triple Draw tables.

The day started well for Blom as he went back to basics and played some straight up PLO againts regular foe Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene at the $50/$100 tables. The pair played two deep stacked tables for approximately two hours, with Isildur1 dominating throughout, eventually taking $200k from his opponent.

After a short break the pair resumed their battle at the $100/$200 tables, and once again Isildur1 always seemed to have the upper hand. After playingheads up capped PLO together so often lately it appeared Isildur1 made the adjustment to 100bb/200bb poker a little better than Tollerene. In total Isildur1 made $326k from his morning PLO endeavours.

Isildur1 picked up his biggest pot of the day during the second session;

Isildur1 makes a big raise with his small two pair and Bttech86 comes along for the ride. An ace on the river improves Isildur1's hand as he ships this $70.5k pot

Isildur1 continued along the heads up PLO route for much of the morning, although things didn't go quite as well for him as Ziigmund took $80k from Isildur1 during seven brief heads up sessions at $50/$100 and $100/$200. The matches were erratic and were puntcuated with the occasional outburst from the outspoken Finn who seemed to get frustrated at his opponent's apparent good fortune - not that it seemed apparent from the results.

There was also a session of heads up with SetoKaiba1 which cost Isildur1 just under $18k as the pair played two tables, one PLO and one $500/$1000 triple draw. The match was heading far more in SetoKaiba1's favour as he approached a six figure advantage. However, Blom was able to peg back his opponent to win the TD encounter and reduce his PLO losses sufficiently to cause his opponent to leave with just a marginal advantage.

This match produced the biggest pot of the day;

Action flop as Isildur flops top pair, a flush draw and open ended straight draw with SetoKaiba1 flopping the nutflush draw and a gutshot. None of the draws completed and SetoKaiba1 eventually took the $71k pot hitting an Ace on the river to win with top pair.

The next big win for Isildur1 was against Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Galfond had been in good TD form over the past couple of days and was already close to $300k up at the TD tables yesterday, having beaten both Kagome Kagome and Seb86 in earlier heads up matches.

This match however was a total whitewash in Blom's favour as he took Galfond for over $1/4 million in under two hours.

Not yet happy with his daily haul Isildur1 then moved to the FLO8 tables where he won a further $120k playing cottonseed1 and then SallyWoo heads up at $2k/$4k.

With plenty more triple draw and PLO action already in the bag today we should have some good matches to report on tomorrow.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$583.1k

BenyamineX +$82.8k

Ziigmund +$80.1k

Odd_Oddsen +$67.7k


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