Another Big Win for Isildur1 - Wins $548k in an Action Packed Day

Another day another half a million dollars for Isildur1

After topping the weekly leader board for the second week of April with over $1m profit, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was once again atop the daily leader board, taking $548.1k yesterday.

It wasn't all plain sailing for Isildur1 who actually got off to a terrible start to the day, losing over $1/4m, mainly to OMGClayAiken at 2-7 TD and FinndaGrind at FLO8.

Things turned around however when Blom took on Tom "durrrr" Dwan once again at the PLO tables. Playing at the $100/$200 deep tables, Blom got revenge for Sunday's big defeat at the hands of Dwan as he cruised to a $417k victory in exactly 300 hands of play. It was a great perfromance from Isildur1 in a match which also gave us the biggest pots of the day:

Isildur1 flops two pair and improves on the turn to top two. durrrr also catches a little piece of the flop and improves on the turn to two pair. Isildur1 however is always ahead as a raising war ensues on the turn, resulting in Isildur1 taking down this $197.2k pot

Both players flop a flush draw, with durrrr's being slightly higher. However, Isildur1's flopped top pair is good enough to take down this all-in on the turn $120.5k pot

Just after midday, Isildur1 embarked on a games of 2-7 TD and a game of FLO8, with very different results. He lost $360k in the triple draw games, losing most of his money playing heads up with PostFlopAction. On the FLO8 table however he innihilated KPR16 for $500k in just an hours plays, winning an average of $2.4k per hand over 211 hands.

The win for PostFlopAction secured him second place on the daily leader board with a $258.1k score.The win also put PostFlopAction over the $4m profit mark for 2013 with $4.093m. Isildur1 is now close behind on $3.75m.

Up until this point we had also seen another fine performace from Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius who had won $227, primarily playing FLO8 against Isildur1 during a morning session. He ended the day a small loser however as Isildur1 took his money back with interest in some head up triple draw and FLO8 action.

The other six figure winner yesterday was limit specialist, Kagome Kagome who won $126.8k at the triple draw tables from two sessions, his victims being OMGClayAiken and Isildur1.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$548.1k

PostFlopAction +$258.1k

Kagome Kagome +$126.8k

Ziigmund +$96k

See the full list of yesterdays winners and losers at our results page or check out the current action in the live results section.


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