Kagome Kagome Wins $157k as Isildur1's Mini Downswing Continues

Kagome Kagome got the better of Isildur1 and OMGClayAiken at the triple draw tables yesterday

The limit tables produced most of the games biggest winners yesterday as the high stakes PLO games dried up at Full Tilt yesterday. The biggest winner was limit specialist Kagome Kagome who posted a final day score of $157k.

Kagome Kagome made his big win during a late afternoon 2-7 TD session playing two tables against Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom. In less than an hour Kagome Kagome had taken over $190k from his fellow players, with over $140k coming from Isildur1 who couldn't seem to put a foot right yesterday.

The other big winners at Full Tilt both came from the $2k/$4k FLO8 tables and both wins once again came at the expense of Isildur1 in short, brutal sessions. Firstly SallyWoo took Isildur1 for $138k in an early morning session which lasted just 29 minutes. KPR16 also took six figures from Isildur1, winning his $100k in just 14 minutes during an early evening session. Earlier, KPR16 had refused Isildur1 action as he had only sat with a $20k stack with KPR16 claiming that he wouldn't play him for just 5 bets as he was already $1m down to Isildur1. Isildur1 duly obliged by reloading, enabling KPR16 to win back a little of his big recent losses to the Full Tilt Pro. This final loss resulted in a -$400k day for Isildur1.

Over at PokerStars the only six figure winner yesterday was barcode, who won $102.7k playing in $50/$100 PLO ring games througout the day. The same games produced decent wins for the likes of Jeans89, verve.oasis, Odd_Oddsen and 5tgb6yhn7.

The biggest hand of the day also took place at PokerStars, during a session of $200/$400 PLO between Jeans89 and Gozoboro;

Jeans89 flops two pairs, turns the nut straight and gets maximum value on the river - $115.7k pot

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Kagome Kagome +$157k

SallyWoo +$138k

Barcode +$102.7k

KPR16 +$100k

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