Third Week of April - Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond Wins $637k

Congratulations to Phil Galfond on his big weekly haul which pushed him over the $10m on tracked high stakes games at Full Tilt since 2007

The third week of April really saw an increase in the level of nosebleed activity, especially at Full Tilt Poker, where half million dollar winners came almost daily as big games across all disciplines took place throughout the week. The biggest winner of the week was HSDB favourite, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond, won won a total of $637,471 to take his 2013 winnings over the $2m mark, and his high stakes winnings at Full Tilt since 2007 over the $10m mark.

Last week ended with Isildur1 the big winner, taking over $1m during the course of the previous seven days, and the young Swede continued his rich vein of form with a $548k win on the 15th. Blom won made his profit in two big heads up matches. Firstly, he took Tom "durrrr" Dwan for over $400k at the $100/$200 deep PLO tables and later won $500k from KPR16 at the $2k/$4k FLO8 tables. Off course he suffered his share of losses throughout the action packed day also, Read about it in more depth in our daily report for the 15th.

The 16th however brought the start of a several day downswing for Isildur1 as he once again pitched up at the $100/$200 PLO tables against Dwan, this time ending a $283k loser. The big winner of the day was wilhasha, who won $192k at the $50/$100 NLHE tables, playing both heads-up and ring games. durrrr also ended the day high up the leader board with a $169k win, losing some of his Isildur1 PLO profits playing 2-7 Triple Draw, check out our daily report for more details

Wednesday 17ths big winners (Kagome Kagome, SallyWoo and KPR16) all took their winnings from Isildur1 as the Full Tilt Pro lost $400k in a day of limit action. Kagome Kagome took top spot with a $157k win at triple draw, SallyWoo was +$138k at FLO8, with KPR16 winning $100k, also at FLO8. The full story of the day can be found here

Phil Galfond really set the limit tables alight on Thursday as he put in his big performance of the week, taking close to $800k, mainly from the triple draw and FLO8 ring games, during a 12 hour session at the tables. Once again the big loser was Isildur1 who lost over $1/2m in the triple draw games and ended the day at -$477k. Also playing well on Thursday were durrrr (+$297k), Kagome Kagome (+$231k) and, after some good late night FLO8 ring game scores, Gus Hansen (+$200k). The daily report for Galfond's big win can be found here

Friday looked like it might bring with it a big comeback for Isildur1 as he cruised to a $1/2 million profit during some morning triple draw and PLO games. However, after initially taking a good lead in some FLO8 ring games during the evening sessions, he soon lost traction and ended up a $16k loser for the day with the major benefactors of Isildur1's downswing being KPR16 and FinddaGrind. KPR16 ended as the day's biggest winner with a $171.6k score. The daily review for last Friday can be found here

Isildur1 finally managed his $1/2m comeback on Saturday as he put on a virtuoso performance, ending as the day's biggest PLO, FLO8, FLHE and 2-7 Triple Draw winner on his way to a $502k score. See more here

After his half million dollar win on Saturday, Isildur1 would have been hoping for a good end to the week, alas it wasn't to be as he dropped back all his previous day's winnings in just two hours, playing cottonseed1 at $2k/$4k FLO8 in an evening heads up session. Isildur1 had struggled all day, twice coming back from heavy losses to breakeven. However, the one sided FLO8 match put paid to any hopes the young Swede had of making it a two day comeback as cottonseed1 ended the session, and the day, a $607k winner.

After a week of heavy play at the nosebleed tables of Full Tilt and PokerStars there emerged three +$1/2 million winners in Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond (+$637.5k), Kagome Kagome (+$635.5k) and cottonseed1 (+$580.1k).


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