A Big Night & Morning at The Tables

Yet more action from Bttech86 and Isildur1

As well as the now inevitable big $500/$1000 CAP PLO match between Bttech86 and Isildur1 we were also treated to some 2-7 TD NL, some non cap $200/$400 PLO and some high stakes NLHE action as the big names came back to Full Tilt Poker.

The biggest match, as ever, was the $500/$1000 CAP PLO match as the dynamic duo fought hard for 11 hours from yesterday afternoon to breakfast time this morning.

The match was played in two parts, an afternoon and a late evening/early morning session. During the first session Bttech86 overcame a c.$200k deficit to end the 600 hand session a comfortable $400k winner after a huge upswing in the final stretch of the match. After already losing $100k in earlier PLO and TD matches, Isildur1 decided enough was enough and quit the game.

This wasn't the last we'd see of him however as he reappeared about 4.5 hrs later and after a brief $21k loss at the $300/$600 TD tables he fired up some $200/$400 PLO tables. in just under two hours, Isildur1 won over $400k in games which featured the likes of durrrr, Sauce1234, nO_Ola, and trex313. The games featured a lot of heads up play between Sauce1234 and Isildur1, with Isildur1 coming out well ahead. In fact, Sauce ended up a half million dollar loser in the games, also losing $64k to durrrr at $250/$500 NL 2-7 TD.

The biggest hand of the last 24 hours came from a $200/$400 heads up PLO hand between Isildur1 and Sauce1234;

Both players make great hands on the turn, but Isildur1's straight trumps his opponent's set of 6's - $115.5k pot

With his bankroll re-established, Isildur1 went looking for more $500/$1000 CAP PLO action, which ended in 9 solid hours of three tabling Bttech86. The match started ominously for Isildur1 as he quickly lost $250k, putting Bttech86 up over $850k for the day in the games. The remainder of the session however saw Isildur1 make small advance, as he slowly ground down his opponents lead. Of course there were a couple of bumps in the road as Bttech86 made the occasional burst of $80k pots, but on the whole, it was Isildur1 who controlled the second session. When play finally ended at around 8am server time, Isildur1 had reduced his losses to a little over $200k. When you take into account the fact that Bttech ran $1.3m above all in EV you can see what an impressive performance it was.

Despite the glut of action, there were no other six figure winners from the evenings sessions, with trex313 coming close, winning $98k from the $200/$400 games. In fact, Bttech86 only ended up winning just over $100k by the time he quit the tables, as in between PLO sessions, he took lost $108k at $200/$400 NLHE playing Denoking.



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