Sauce1234 Gets Revenge on Isildur1 - Wins $367k

A good recovery from Sauce1234 yesterday in his PLO match with Isildur1

After taking a beating at the $200/$400 PLO tables yesterday, primarily at the hands of Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky got his won back last night, winning $340k from Isildur1 on his way to a daily haul of $367.3k.

 Isildur1 had already had a busy day, having clawed back close to $400k from Bttech86 in the final hours of their 9 hour $500/$100 CAP session yesterday morning, he also went on to win c.$80k at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, at the expense of Kagome Kagome.    

The evening session between Sauce and Isildur1 began at the $200/$400 limits with Isildur1 taking a relatively small $30k from the hour long two tables session. The stakes obviously weren't high enough for Blom, who insisted that they switch to a higher limit - possibly a little tilted that he had let a $140k lead slip. Sauce duly obliged and the pair opened up two tables of $250/$500.

Over the next 20 minutes, Sauce1234 put quite a beating on Isildur1, winning over $360k in less than 100 hands. Perhaps Isildur1 is too used to shipping it in light after so many thousands of hands of 40bb poker as he seemed very keen to pay off Sauce1234 in some big pots. Sauce1234 took down all four six figure pots the pair contested. The biggest two are shown below.

Sauce flops a full house and manages to extract maximum value from Isildur1 - $154.8k pot

Isildur1 calls a big river bet light and Sauce1234 ships this $150k pot with two pair

Sauce topped up his winnings against Isildur1 with a $29k win playing $75/$150 NLHE against ragen70.

Despite his big loss to Sauce, Isildur1 was still the second biggest winner of the day at Full Tilt yesterday, with a $128.5k win.

Over at PokerStars 5tgb67hn7 won $128.1k playing in the $50/$100 PLO ring games which ran throughout the afternoon and evening.

The other six figure yesterday was DrugsorMe who won an impressive $100.4k playing kakwan_lc over three tables of $25/$40 PLO at Full Tilt.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Sauce1234 +$367.3k

Isildur1 +$128.5k

5tgb67hn7 +$128.1k

DrugsorME +$100.4k

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