Ski Legend Petter Northug Seen Multitabling High Stakes PLO

Petter Northug Jr.

Earlier this week champion skier Petter Northug (NorthugJr) took a solid 7th place in the SCOOP 02 ($2,100 NL Hold'em) event where he won $60k then followed up his success the next day by winning a small $100 turbo tournament, adding $16k more to his bankroll.

We were hoping that we would see him in some more SCOOP events but we were more than a little supprised early this morning when we saw that he was playing 4 tables of $50/100 Omaha PL against Sauce123, Jeanse89, mikki696 and some other strong players.

He bought in for $4k on each table and embarked on a swingy little session where he was down about $15k at one point before making a good comeback to end up about $6k

A dream flop for Northug as he makes top full house and gets paid off in full by leshkaGmBIZ - $13.4k pot

For people who don't know much about winter sports, Petter Northug is currently the best cross country skiier in the world and by many considered to be the best ever. He's had huge success in both the Olympics and the World Championships.

He has recently hit the headlines in the Norwegen newspapers after he decided to leave the national team and train more individually. Hopefully he will see poker as a good way for mental traning, and that he will add a couple of extra high stakes poker hours into his regular ski training schedule!


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