trex313 Beats the $500/$1000 CAP PLO Games for $843k

An impressive haul at the big PLO tables gave trex313 his second +$800k session of the year yesterday

After an 11 hour session of $500/$1000 CAP PLO last night, it was Hac "trex313" Dang who left as by far the biggest winner, with an impressive $843k haul.

The big games started with a couple of hours play between Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene and Tom "durrrr" Dwan (Isildur1 had been at the tables for the first 15 minutes, but left after some quick losses), with Tollerene establishing a decent lead. Around two hours into the game, samrostan joined the game, and although Tollerene asked for heads-up, he was allowed to stay after Dwan asked he be allowed to stay at one table. Inevitably, this didn't last, and soon enough three tables had filled up with players including: FinddaGrind, Isildur1, trex313, samrostan, Ingenious89, OMGClayAiken, and pyschobenny.

As Bttech86 lost his initial advantage, Isildur1 began to make a comback, winning a quick $250k before his luck also ran out. In the meantime trex313 started to emerge as the big winner after an initial $200k loss. He ended up running approximately $400k above EV on his way to an impressive $843k win.

Other than samorstan, who won c.$250k in the games, there were no other big winners in the game, with Isildur1 and OMGClayAiken the biggest losers.

In fact, it was an all round terrible day for Isildur1, who had already lost some big games earlier in the day. He had lost $280k to durrrr playing $100/$200 PLO with 3x 9x mandatory raises pre-flop, and also lost a similar amount to KPR16 playing heads-up $2k/$4k FLO8. In total, the young Swede lost $835k yesterday.

The $100/200 PLO game between the two Full Tilt Professionals produced the biggest pot of the day;

durrrr flops a set of fives and is looked up by Isildur1 who is holding top pair on the board and an overpair in his hand - durrrr's set plays and takes down this $268.8k pot

The other >$200k pot of the day also featured durrrr. This time he was on the wrong end of a $150/$300 NLHE hand;

ragen70 makes a good call to durrrr's river raise to take down this $203.2k pot with second pair

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

trex313 +$684.8k*

KPR16 +$302.6k

samrostan +$214.1k

Bttech86 +$148.1k

*please note that part of trex313's winnings came from sessions which started post midnight server time, and will therefore be included in tomorrrow's results



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