Hac "trex313" Dang Wins at CAP PLO Again With $207k Score

You would think with $1.5m in winnings in the last 3 weeks that trex313 could raise a smile...

The $200/$400 CAP PLO ring games are continuing to attract the attention of the high stakes regulars, and once again provide us with the day's biggest winners. Yet again Hac "trex313" Dang walked away a six figure winner, this time adding $207.7k to his burgeoning bankroll.

Dang played throughout an 5.5 hour session which ran during the afternoon/evening at Full Tilt yesterday and after a shaky start went on to win consistently for the last few hours, ending the session a $207k winner. Dang has been enjoying a great run of form over the past few weeks, and has now turned his his -$1m year into a +$500k one in just 3 weeks.

We also saw Rob "Vaga_Lion" Akery make inroads into his big loss from Sunday, with a $180.3k win during the same session. The big loser from these sessions was PLO regular, no_Ola, who dropped $269.6k.

The only other six figure winner yesterday came from the $200/$400 NLHE sessions as the angleman made a $145.9k score. These NLHE sessions have also proved popular or late, and regulars including, IReadYrSoul, Call_911, HelicopterBen82, proudlikeagoat, and Rhje battled it out during an 8.5 hour session. the angleman cleaned up, winning $176.9k from this one table session, including taking down the single six figure pot of the day:

the angleman flops the nuts and slow plays his monster all the way to the river. His opponent plays the 2-6 straight on the board by shoving, only to find the angleman flopped the higher straight he was representing - $102.9k pot

After an earlier $31k loss to MediumrarePls at $200/$400 NLHE, the angleman ended the day a $146k winner.

We also saw Isildur1 and SanIker embark on a short (32 hand) battle at $500/$1000 CAP NLHE during the evening. The 7 minute match ended with SanIker taking a quick $89.5k win.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

trex313 +$207.7k

Vaga_Lion +$180.3k

the angleman +$145.9k

SanIker +$89.5k

See yesterday's results in full at our results page, or for up to the minute action, check out the live results section.


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