Third Week of June - luvtheWNBA Cleans Up For $800k & RagingHeart Wreaks Havoc

luvthe WNBA made the biggest score of the week over at Full Tilt winning $792.7k at NLHE

The past week has seen an incredible amount of nosebleed action at both the PLO and NLHE tables. Not since the heady pre-Black Friday days have we seen such consistent huge big bets games - especially at the NLHE tables, where full six max tables of stakes as high as $400/$800 have run on a daily basis.

The big winner of the week has been Ike "luvtheWNBA" Haxton, with the PokerStars pro cleaning up at sister site Full Tilt's NLHE tables on his way to a $792.7k weekly haul.

The big NLHE games didn't really produce any really big scores until 16th, with the $500/$1000 CAP PLO games still dominating on Saturday 15th with no_Ola topping the day's leader board with a $318.3k win, closely followed by a rampant Hac "trex313" Dang, who continued his excellent run of form with a $299.1k win - putting him up over $1.1m in six days.

Sunday brought big scores at both the PLO and NLHE tables, with RagingHeart the day's biggest winner with a $545k win playing PLO. This was the start of a crazy week from RagingHeart, who played an incredible 23.5k hands from 15th-21st June at Full Tilt Poker's nosebleed tables. He won his half million haul playing from $50/$100 up to $500/$1000 CAP PLO. Over at the NLHE tables, sessions of $400/$800 also produced some big winners with Rhje winning $440k, and luvtheWNBA starting his winning streak with a $249.2k score. You can read more about the ins and outs of the day's play here.

RagingHeart's good form continued on Monday where he won a further $303k at the PLO tables, putting in over 5k hands along the way. There were two other +$300k winners as samrostan won $356.4k, and Trueteller ended as the day's biggest winner with a $384.2k win. Both samorostan and Trueteller posted wins at both the NLHE and PLO tables on their way to the top of the daily leader board. Read more about the day's action here

RagingHeart managed a further win on Tuesday, ended the day with a $71k profit. This doesn't do justice to the story of his day however. He started the day poorly losing $300k in some CAP PLO ring games, before going down $200k to Isildur1 in a long heads-up match. RagingHeart managed to fight back to really beat up Isildur1 for $700k at the end of their encounter. The evening sessions also saw some great action as Isildur1 fought back, taking nearly $500k back, enjoying particular success against trex313. Read more about the day's big winners and loser in our daily report.

The next day saw more of the same, with another Isildur1 vs RagingHeart heads-up battle at the $500/$1000 CAP PLO tables, with Isildur1 once again taking a good lead before succumbing to a huge upswing from his opponent left the Full Tilt pro with a $400k deficit. Once again, however, Isildur1 fought back well during the evening sessions to right off his loss. In fact, he continued to win into the early hours, ending up over $200k when he stopped play for the day. The day was about much more than just these two players - with seven figure swings from RagingHeart, trex313 and no_Ola - you really need to read the daily report to get an idea of what a huge day at the tables it really was.

The PLO games took a break for most of Thursday after the huge sessions from the previous day ran over into the morning, and NLHE dominated the day, with tables of $400/$800 running for over 10 hours across the day. The biggest winner from the games was Ike "luvtheWNBA" Haxton, who enjoyed his third big win of the week with a $382.4k win. The pots in the $400/$800 NLHE games also started to get huge. To read more about them and all the day's action, check out our daily report.

Haxton actually played past midnight, also winning $57k at the $200/$400 and $300/$600 tables, counting for yet another daily win for the PokerStars pro, who ended his week at Full Tilt at the head of the leader board with a $792.7k profit.

The rest of Saturday produced yet more big wins at the $400/$800 NLHE tables, with proudlikeagoat topping the daily leader board with a $403.2k win - enabling him to take third spot on the weeks biggest earners, with a $566k haul, second to no_Ola, who ended the week with a $627.5k win.

In fact, the player behind the "no_Ola" nickname recently confirmed what many had suspected, that he also plays under the moniker "Odd_Oddsen" over at PokerStars. So, with Oddsen winning $487.7k over at PokerStars, including a $310k win at $200/$400 PLO on the 18th, he actually ended the week winning over $1.1m in total.

Saturday 21st's NLHE tables also produced the biggest pot of the week:

MalACEsia rivers the second nuts and checks the flop, allowing Sauce1234 to bluff shove the river to the delight of his opponent who subsequently takes down this monster $475.1k pot

Biggest Winners of the Week

luvtheWNBA +$792.7k

no_Ola +$627.5k

proudlikeagoat +$566.5k

trex313 +$522.5k

See all the weeks results here, or for current action check out the live results section.


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