Very deep stacked Omaha HI PL $50/100

Today we had alot of nice $50/100 action on Full Tilt Poker. The player Ziigmund faced toesanders in a very long session. They was playing two tables and was very deepstacked. Actually it more felt like they was playing $100/200

Very big pot for $50/100 blinds, $126k pot
Open ended straight draw + flushdraw, $63k pot
Very good flop for both of the players, $66k pot

At one table toesanders left with $106k and on the other table Ziigmund had $113k, but toesanders was the winning player on these session but just with about +$5k, kinda sick ;)

Later on Ziigmund was involved in some new sick action on the $50/100 tables and now he faced luclongley on two tables, we actually missed the first one but we think that Ziigmund was about +$20k on that table, but on the other table he was loosing quite much. His results from that table was -$70k. With other words some pretty good sessions from luclongley, up about $50k

One of the last hands from Luclongleys session, very nice stack, also a very nice $26k pot

Roland de Wolfe also hit a nice session against Ziigmund, he played for just 80 minuts and won $32k then someone hit the doorbell and he had to run ;)

Roland de Wolfe, saved by the river in a $32k pot

Currenlty while we writing this report Ziigmund playing against both luclongley and Roland de Wolfe again!



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