Isildur1 Up $2m In A Week - Wins Another $653k

Isildur1 is riding high with over $5m in winnings so far at Full Tilt in 2013

July couldn't have started much better for Full Tilt Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, as another big win yesterday means that he is now nearly $2.1m in profit for July, and has now eclipsed the $5m mark for 2013 - reaching his January highpoint for the first time in 6 months.

Once again Blom profitted in every discipline he played, enjoying big wins at FLO8, NLHE, and to a lesser extent, 2-7 Triple Draw.

Half of his winnings came at the FLO8 tables, where he made big scores playing $2k/$4k heads-up against SallyWoo and KPR16. His $174k win over SallyWoo came in just 70 hands, with the young Swede barely losing a pot during the 26 minute evening encounter. He took $212k in total from KPR 16, across three sessions, winning $114k of this during his final outing of the day. His only loss yesterday also came at the FLO8 tables, where he lost $76k to cottonseed1, the day's second biggest winner.

The biggest pots of the day came from an evening heads-up match between Isildur1 and bbvisbadforme at the $400/$800 NLHE tables. It's been a while since Isildur1 has played heads-up non-cap NLHE at these stakes, and bbvisbadforme has had a pretty good record against him at the CAP NLHE tables, so this made for an interesting match-up.

At first it didn't look likely we'd see these guys playing $400/$800 as bbvisbadforme had indicated in chat that his backers (whoever they are) weren't happy with him playing Isildur1 at these stakes, and that he'd prefer $300/$600. After Isildur1 declined, bbv obviously had a word with his financiers as the pair opened up two tables at the higher stakes later in the day.

They probably wish they had refused now as Isildur1 took his opponent for $280k in a brutal 45 minute session.

Deep stacked NLHE is where Isidlur1 made his name, and he proved his worth once again. The match also produced the seven biggest pots of the day, the largest going to Isildur1:

bbvisbadforme tries an "Isildur1" style overbet on the river, only to be met with an all-in from his opponent. Despite getting 3:1 on his money, bbvisbadforme is forced to fold, as Isildur1 ships this $323.5k pot uncontested.

After losing this giant pot, bbvisbadforme must have reached his stop-loss as he insta-quit the game on both tables.

In addition to his big wins at NLHE and FLO8, Isildur1 also enjoyed an $89k win at the triple draw tables, winning all his money from Kagome Kagome across several morning sessions.

An $8.7k win at $50/$100 PLO against FELTOR wrapped up Isildur1's winning day, leaving him up $653.5k up for the 8th July.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$653.5k

cottonseed1 +$77k

TeemTeem - $38k

FLOCUS33 +$33k

See yesterday's results in full here, or check out our live results section for up to the minute action.


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