Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan playing some nosebleed Open Face Chinese while blinding out of the Main Event

A shot of Gus and his first 6 cards set

Over the past two days there have been some huge Open Face Chinese poker games happening at the Aria in Las Vegas. The casino has been host to a $3000 per point game, which supposedly ran for well over 24 hours.

Both Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan didn't actually play a single hand in the $10k WSOP Main Event, after registering for Day 1C, as they were busy with this cash game. Both finished the day with roughly 17k from the 30k starting stack, so they would still have some playability if they were to take their seats on Day 2. Others in the game included Jason Mercier, who took Dwan's seat after he left, Richard Yong and his relatives.

It was said that Hansen stayed for most of the duration of the game, and did very well from it. A game like this can have huge swings, and apparently at one point "The Great Dane" had over $1.5 million on the table. I'm sure that it was a welcome win for Gus after his rough year online so far.

With Hansen and Dwan playing cash, and Blom playing online outside of the US, none of "The Professionals" have actually represented Full Tilt in the Main Event thus far. It remains to be seen if either Gus or Tom will join the rest of the field later today for Day 2B and try and run up their stacks, or if they will feel that their time will be better spent elsewhere again.

It is also unclear whether the game - which seems to have stopped for now - will return. I would guess that Gus especially would be jumping at the chance to play in it again though.

Images and extra info courtesy of @gostatego3.


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