trex313 wins $226k on yesterdays PLO $200/400 sessions

trex313 won another $226k on the Omaha PL tables yesterday and it seems like his rush this year will never stop. He won most of the money against Ziigmund (-$228k) who actually started very solid yesterday but then he lost a couple of pots against Brian Hasting and this was later followed up with some big hands against trex313

 trex313 hits the nuts on turn and is allin against Ziigmund, $126k pot
 trex313 hits another very nice turn and is allin against Chufty, $52k pot

Other winners yesterday was the current leader this month, Brian Hasting(+$140k) and the austrian player Markus Golser (+$112k):

 Brian Hasting flopped the nuts and both players then hit the flush on the  river, $104k pot
 Markus Golser hits a very nice straight draw but wins the hand with a full house, $51k pot

 Complete results this month on Omaha PL

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