3rd Week of July - NLHE Dominates, Rhje Wins $563k, & Isildur1's Downswing Continues

In a week dominated by $400/$800 action Rhje was the biggest winner with over half a million dollars in winnings

After a blistering first week and a half of July, where Viktor "Isildur1" Blom won over $2m, it had been downhill all the way for the Full Tilt Pro. He ended t second week even after a +$750k start, and the third week saw much of the same as he lost a further $740k. All the major success from the third week of July once again came from the $400/$800 NLHE tables, with Rhje the only player to break the 1/2 million mark with a win of $563.7k.

Having said that, the action on the 15th actually came mainly at the limit tables, as KPR16 beat Isildur1 over two sessions of $2k/$4k FLO8 to the tune of $355k. The only NLHE action came at $500/$1000 CAP where Trueteller won $103k, again from Isildur1. Isildur1 won a little under $100k at triple draw to slightly temper his losses but was still by far the biggest loser of the day. Read our daily review from the 15th here.

Tuesday the 16th was an epic day for heads-up action, with Isildur1 almost reaching the $1m profit mark at one point, before losing it all bar $41k. He had started off with a big ($467k) win against Bttech86 at $400/$800 NLHE, and a $77k win at PLO against trex313. He battled Bttech86 a little later and won another $450k or so before Tollerene pushed back and hit a $500k upswing of his own, including the biggest pot played out last week:

Despite being more than a 60/40 favourite when the money goes in on the turn, Bttech86 completes his straight draw on the river to scoop this $376.2k pot

Isildur1 had a similar battle with Doug "WCGRider" Polk, where he initially took a commanding six figure lead of well over $400k before Polk made a comeback in their first session, before dominating thier second to end the session a $388k winner. His $401k win for the day enabled him to take second for the week with a total haul of $415k. To read more about this exciting day of heads-up action, see our daily review.

Wednesday 17th saw Isildur1's downswing continue, and was his last appearance at the tables during the third week of July. He lost over $200k to both KPR16 at FLO8 and to Alex "IReadYrSoul" Millar at $400/$800 NLHE. The biggest winner of the day was MalACEsia who won $254k in the six max games which returned after a few days with minimal action.

Rhje's big day came on the 18th, when he topped the leader board with a $424k win at the six max $400/$800 NLHE tables. Rhje only played at one of the tables running, but crushed the opposition during his five hours at the table. The other big winner came from another $400/$800 session played at the same time, as proudlikeagoat won $300k. To see more and the biggest hands of the day, check out the daily review.

The 19th was also dominated by the $400/$800 NLHE ring games, but there were no huge winners, with MalACEsia making a little back from his previous day's losses by topping the leader board with a a $166k win. Ike "luvtheWNBA" Haxton (+$160k) and IReadYrSoul (+$101k), also made six figure scores in these games. The day in full here.

Saturday followed a similar pattern, more big NLHE action but no huge winners. This time it was Trueteller who topped the leader board with a $160k win, with last weeks huge winner, Tight-Man1 also bagging a six figure win from the games, ending the day a $111.6k winner.

The last day of the week saw proudlikeagoat make his second big score of the week with a leader board topping $247k win in the $400/$800 NLHE games. There was also a $204k win for Dan "jungleman12" Cates, who took on and beat Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene in a three hour heads up battle at $200/$400 NLHE.

Third Week of July, Biggest Winners

Rhje +$563.7k

WCGRider +$415.1k

IReadYrSoul +$403.4k

proudlikeagoat +$361.7k

See the full results from the third week of July here, or for current action see our live results section.


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