proudlikeagoat Wins $611k & is Up Over $2.5m In Two Months

prouldlikeagoat cleaned up once again at Full Tilt's NLHE tables with a $611k win yesterday

Once again proudlikeagoat was a big winner in the $400/$800 NLHE ring games yesterday, adding a further $611.2k to his ever burgeoning bankroll. He is now just behind Rhje as the biggest winner in these games since they began a couple of months ago, and is up $2.5m in the past two months.

There was a lot of play in the NLHE games yesterday, with four pots over $300k taking place. proudlikeagoat took the second biggest pot of the day:

A better hand is always calling, and a worse hand nearly always folding so what MalACEsia was trying to do here is something of a mystery - answers on a postcard please - $350.5k pot

The biggest three pots all took place during an afternoon session at table Windfair, where proudlikeagoat made his biggest single win of $220k. Here is the biggest pot of the day:

Denoking tries to bluff shove the river with air. Not the best tactic when confronted by punting-peddler's flopped quads - $395.5k pot

Yet again, ragen70 enjoyed great success at the NLHE tables, earning another $339.5k, and he is now up over $1.35m in the past week.

There was also action at the $200/$400 CAP NLHE tables, with the biggest winner being Martin Kabrhel, who won $145.6k after a very long day at the tables, his biggest single table win being just $18.6k. In total Kabrhel played 2100 hands over the course of 73 individual sessions.

The biggest non NLHE winner was Kagome Kagome, who won $65.2k at 2-7 TD, playing against SetoKaiba1

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

proudlikeagoat +$611.2k

ragen70 +$339.5k

Martin Kabhrel +$145.6k

Kagome Kagome +$65.2k

For all yesterday's results see here, or for current action, check out our live results page.


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