Alot of $200/400, $300/600 action this weekend


Friday night started with a very good HU session between the one and only Phil Ivey against Sbruby, one of the hottest player on the net nowadays. This session was just 49 min long and Phil managed to win about $115k

Phil Ivey show us how to play pocket aces, $124k pot

Sbruby and durrrr also starded up a 4x200/400 session where durrrr was the winner, he won about $150k

Durrrr didn't seem to get afraid of the board, $79k pot
durrrr hits a nice pair, with a good kicker, $82k pot

But durrr was also playing two $300/600 HU sesions against Luigi66369 but now he actually had a big loss. Antonius manged to win about $215k in just about 75 mins.

Luigi66369 hits a middle set on flop, $163k pot
Largest pot this day, sick outdraw by Luigi66369, $198k pot


We had pretty good action on the lower limits early on Friday but later on the night we got some nice action on $200/400, the player who won the most from these session was sbrugby and luclongley. Later on the night/early morning CaseyTheBat had a very nice session and won about $195k:

Sometimes even two pairs wins a big pot in Omaha, $132k pot
CaseyAtTheBat runner runner flush, $56k pot
CaseyAtTheBat vs Luig66369, $53k pot

But then it was time for some real David Benyamine action. He joined the tables with the nickname ballsrider and played two session which made him about +$160k before it was time for some sleep. But then he was back again on Saturday night and played 4 sessions which made him up about $160k, so in just two days he is up about $320k

ballsrider vs sbruby part 1, $153k pot
ballsrider vs sbruby part 2, $153k pot,
ballsrider vs sbruby part 3, $182k pot

At the moment it's pretty calm on the tables, but hopefully the players is back Sunday night, keep your eyes open! ;)




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