Big Wins for SanIker & WCGRider as Isildur1 Slumps

After a bad week at the tables, SanIker makes it all up with a $921k win at the NLHE tables yesterday

After the excitement of Isildur1's $1.3m win yesterday, there was yet more high paced high stakes NLHE action yesterday, with the $1.3m going straight back into the poker economy, or more specifically straight back to WCGRider, SanIker, and Kagome Kagome.

Doug "WCGRider" Polk was the biggest recipient of Blom's downswing, taking back $682k of the $1.2m he had lost the previous evening. He won $212k during a wild morning session of $400/$800 NLHE which lasted just 22 minutes. Big six figure hands flew in both directions, with the biggest (and the biggest of the day) actually going to Isildur1:

Isildur1 flops top full house and manages to get a huge river bet paid off as he scoops this $328.7k pot

Polk had already pocketed $88k from Blom in an earlier $500/$1000 CAP session, and it was back at the CAP tables late in the evening where he added the other $382k. In just an hour of play over multiple tables, Blom couldn't seem to win a pot, and before long, Polk had made another huge dent in his previous day's deficit.

SanIker also enjoyed a fruitful 22 minute exchange with Isildur1 at the $400/$800 NLHE tables in the morning, winning $240k.

SanIker's biggest win, however, came later in the day at the $200/$400 NLHE tables against Denoking. Denoking had been crushing SanIker lately, winning close to $900k over the past week. This time, it was all about SanIker. He rushed to a $325k lead before being pegged back a little to around $250k up over the next two hours. This was to be SanIker's night, however, as in the final 40 minutes, he went on a huge +$400k rush, to end the session up $681k. In total SanIker's $921.3k win put him clear at the top of the daily leader board.

The other recipient of Isildur1's slump (and the only other six figure winner yesterday), was Kagome Kagome. The pair played for 90 minutes over two tables, with Kagome Kagome dominating the Full Tilt Pro, ending their session up close to $290k. A small win later in the day, again at the $2k/$4k 2-7 TD tables, resulted in a daily haul of $313.8k for the German limit specialist.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

SanIker +$921.3k

WCGRider +$682.2k

Kagome Kagome +$313.8k

ragen70 +$88.5k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action, check out our live results section.


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