KPR16 & Gus Hansen Do Battle Again - KPR16 Wins $334.7k

KPR16 maintained his dominance over Gus Hansen at the FLO8 tables yesterday, with a $334.7k win

After winning $301k at the FLO8 tables on Sunday, Gus Hansen will have been hoping to extend his mini-upswing in yesterday's games. It wasn't to be however, as he took a sound beating at the hands of Kyle "KPR16" Ray, who ended as the day's biggest winner with a $334.7k haul.

Hansen started the day brightly with just under $40k in wins at the 2-7 TD and FLO8 tables, before the main session of the day kicked off between KPR16 and Hansen.

The pair played for over three and a half hours yesterday afternoon, and it was all one way traffic, with Gus Hansen in the wrong lane from start to finish. After a brutal session, where KPR16 undoubted ran well, just as much as he played well, he had won $411k from the Full Tilt Pro. Hansen saved a little face in a subsequent match with KPR16, winning back a little under $69k in a 26 minute session.

Hansen looked like he was set to make a good comeback around an hour later, when he took on ragen70, heads-up at the $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Hansen shot into a near $200k lead during the ealry stages of the three hour battle, but ragen was not about to give in lightly, and he soon hit back, eventually wrestling the lead from The Great Dane, and ending the confrontation with a $101k win. After losing a little back in a later session with Hansen, ragen70 ended up an $83.9k winner for the day.

The only six figure winner at Full Tilt besides KPR16 yesterday was SanIker, who got the better of his long term rival, Denoking, at the $100/$200 NLHE tables. The pair played across three tables for a little over an hour, with the net result a convincing $157.5k win.

There was a big winner at PokerStars, as YurNas beat takechip at the $50/$100 NLHE tables, on his way to a $116k win for the day.

Yestserday's Biggest Winners

KPR16 +$334.7k

SanIker +$157.5k

YurNas +$116k

ragen70 +$83.9k

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