ragen70 Tops Highstakes Leaderboard with $209k win at Triple Draw

ragen70 continues his superb year with another $209k win at Full Tilt's Triple Draw tables yesterday

It's been a great year for Nicklas "ragen70" Heinecker, with over $4.5m in live tournament winnings (over $4.4m of which came from his win at GuangDong Asia Millions back in June), and he also sits atop the 2013 high stakes leader board with nearly $3.8m in winnings, $209k of which he won yesterday, predominantly at the $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

All of ragen70's wins came during ealry morning sessions playing against PostflopAction and Gus Hansen. He started the day well with a $117k win from an hour long session, with PostflopAction the big loser, as he provided all of ragen70's winnings, as well as donating a small ($15k) sun to Hansen along the way.

The match lasted just over an hour, and just half an hour later, the three players reconvened at a different table, for a near two hour session. Once again, ragen70 was the big winner, taking $89k in profit, this time with $81k coming from th coffers of Gus Hansen, pretty much wiping out The Great Dane's winnings from the previous day.

Things didn't get any better for Hansen, as he moved on to an ealry afternoon sesison of FLO8, playing SallyWoo heads-up at the $2k/$4k stakes. During a 4.5 hour session, Gus slowly bled money, eventually ending the session down $197k.

When the pair resumed their match just over an hour later, it was more or the same, as SallyWoo rushed to a $200k lead, putting Hansen down over $450k down for the day. However, Hansen managed to salvage something from the day, as he not only overturned SallyWoo's lead in their second session, but actually ended up turning a $66k profit, after a 2.5 hour $260k upswing.

After all was done and dusted, SallyWoo walked away with a $136.7k win for the day.

The final six figure winner from yesterday's nosebleed games came from the $50/$100 NLHE tabls over at PokerStars, as, for the second time this week, YurNas beat Phil "takechip" D'Auteuil for over $100k. In total, YurNas won $112.1k after a huge 3.2k hands of heads-up poker.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

ragen70 +$209.4k

SallyWoo +$136.7k

YurNas +$112.1k

PimpyLimpy +$43.8k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action, check out our live results section.


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