Rosenbarger Wins WPT Montreal, Odd_Oddsen's Challenge

Rosenbarger Wins WPT Montreal. Photo: WPT.

Derrick Rosenbarger from Clovis, New Mexico is the new WPT Montreal champion. Rosenbarger took home the top prize worth $500,824 on Thursday.

In the final hand of the tournament, Rosenbarger raised to 600,000 preflop and Mukul Pahuja reraised all in for 6,975,000. Rosenbarger called with pocket queens and Pahuja showed Adiamond4diamond.

The board came eventually 9heart6diamond3club4spade2heart and Rosenbarger had secured his first major live tournament title. Before this win, Rosenbarger had only one small live cash to his name from a 2013 $1,000 buy-in World Series of Poker NLHE event.

The final table featured also one female player, Lily Kiletto, who finished in 5th place, good for $121,848.

Final Table Results:

1: Derrick Rosenbarger - $500,824
2: Mukul Pahuja - $340,928
3: Serge Cantin - $220,170
4: Sylvain Siebert - $162,936
5: Lily Kiletto - $121,848
6: Alexandre Lavigne - $98,574

For a full final table recap, see the WPT website.


Ola “Odd Oddsen” Amundsgård's Challenge

In November, Norwegian poker pro Ola “Odd Oddsen” Amundsgård issued a challenge to any Norwegian politician, where they would play 10,000 hands of heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha. With his challenge, Amundsgård wants to demonstrate that poker is a game of skill (currently the law in Norway states that poker is a game of luck).

One Norwegian politician, Erlend Wiborg, decided to accept the challenge and the two will start their challenge tomorrow. According to the rules of the challenge, Wiborg will not have to pay anything if he loses, but if Amundsgård loses, he has to pay Wiborg NKR 1m (US$170,000). If Wiborg wins the match, his winnings will all go to charity.

According to, the match will start with a live session at the Oslo conference centre, and be completed online at PokerStars. Wiborg and Amundsrud have agreed to rules that promise a minimum of 120 hours play between December 7 and May 7 next year—with a 20 hour a month minimum.

Play will take place on at least two tables simultaneously, and each table will close once one stack is 300 big blinds deep. The match will be refereed by Frode Fagerli Sigurd Eskeland and Andreas Torbergsen.


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