Ivan Soshnikov Outlasts Olivier Busquet to Win EPT Prague High Roller

Ivan Soshnikov takes down the EPT Prague High Roller. Photo: PokerStars Blog.

On Wednesday, Ivan Soshnikov from Russia was able to overcome a tough final table and take down the €10,000 buy-in EPT Prague High Roller tournament for over €380,000.

The unofficial EPT final table saw Jeff Rossiter fell in ninth place, Max Heinzelmann in eighth place and Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst in seventh place.

After those eliminations, the official final table was set, which included Ivan Soshnikov, Olivier Busquet, Dmitry Yurasov, Thomas Muhlocker, Mike “Timex” McDonald and Andy Seth.

First eliminations from the official final table were Andy Seth (5th) and Mike "Timex" McDonald (6th). After that EPT Barcelona High Roller champ Thomas Muhlocker was eliminated in  fourth place and Dmitry Yurasov in third place, and the heads-up play for the title began between Soshnikov and WPT winner Olivier Busquet.

The heads-up play was over very fast, as it lasted only two hands. In the final hand of the tournament, Soshnikov had the button and he made a minimum raise to 120,000. Busquet decided to re-raise to 450,000 and Soshnikov shoved all-in.

Busquet called with 4h-4s and was in bad shape against Soshnikov's 10c-10d. The board didn't change anything and Soshnikov had won his first major live tournament title.

EPT Prague €10,000 High Roller Final Results (176 entries):

1. Ivan Soshnikov - €382,050       ($523,542)
2. Olivier Busquet - €257,850       ($353,345)
3. Dmitry Yurasov - €177,500       ($243,237)
4. Thomas Muehloecker - €144,700  ($198,289)
5. Mike McDonald - €115,400       ($158,138)
6. Anirudh Seth - €88,650       ($121,481)
7. Vanessa Selbst - €64,500       ($88,387)
8. Max Heinzelmann - €46,750       ($64,063)
9. Jeffrey Rossiter - €38,650       ($52,964)


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