Alleged ‘Royal Poker Challenge’ Set to Award Game’s Richest Ever Prize

Poker history, or hogwash?

According to a recent press release, a $1 million buy-in tournament – equal to the previous record set by the Big One for One Drop – will be taking place on March 30th 2014 at The Star Hotel and Casino in Sydney. The winner will receive a cheque for $50 million, the world’s largest ever poker tournament prize.

David Chen, the man behind the venture, has stated that 48 players are already enrolled, which includes “members of the British, Danish and Monaco royal family who have been selected as ambassadors, along with several African and Asian monarchy members.” Others that have enrolled are reportedly wealthy and successful individuals including Hollywood stars and professional poker players.

The press release then goes on to state that these special guests will receive substantial appearance fees that will then be donated to a charity of their choice. If any royal member was to go on to win the event, their winnings would also be donated, which ties in with the company supposedly funding the tournament - The Rainbow Company Group - which has philanthropic values.

“Poker is a true game that cuts across all class and income barriers”, said Chen. “It tests skills, nerves and courage in a way that’s incomparable to other card games. There is no higher drama and examination of character than a high stakes poker game. With a splashing $50m prize, in the remarkable city of Sydney, this should be a historical event indeed.”

Whether this is merely an elaborate hoax remains very much up for debate, as details are sketchy and poorly delivered, but if it does actually come into fruition, it would be the perfect opportunity for Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan to silence their bankruptcy rumours!


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