Isildur1 Wins $813k - Now Biggest Winner of 2014

Isildur1 won a huge $813k at the nosebleeds yesterday, inclusing a $410k win over SallyWoo at FLO8

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom is now on a $1.7m upswing this week after he added a further $813k to his bankroll during yesterday's games.

After a $64.5k win over AtherCliath at $2k/$4k 2-7 TD, Isildur1 went on to win c.$150k over the next three hours playing in $200/$400 CAP PLO ring and $300/$600 heads-up games.

Blom initially hit half a million in winnings for the day after winning $289k against PostflopAction as the pair once more resumed hostilities at the $1500/$3000 8-Game tables.

It was during a $300/$600 PLO round that Isildur1 took down the day's biggest pot:

Isildur1 is a 2-1 favourite when the money goes in with his top pair top kicker. He staves off PostflopActions's outs through two runs of the turn and river to take this $130.3k pot

There was a bit of a downswing for Blom during yesterday's games as he took on his Triple Draw nemesis, Nicklas "ragen70" Heinecker heads-up at the $2k/$4k stakes. Isildur1 started the game well, quickly taking a $100k lead over the German pro, but then Heinecker went on a huge heater, making the nuts several times and hitting some other great hands to overturn the lead and assume a $150k lead in just twenty minutes. Blom muttered something in chat about Heinecker's inability to lose before leaving the table.

It wasn't long, however, before the Full Tillt Pro was back at the tables, firstly taking $32k from cottonseed1 at the $200/$400 PLO tables, before moving on to the $2k/$4k FLO8 tables, where he met SallyWoo.

This turned out to be Isildur1's biggest and longest match of the day, running for six hours from 9pm. Isildur1 quickly took a $200k lead in the match, and despite an hour long comeback from SallyWoo, where he managed to take back $100k, Blom never lost the lead in the match. For the remainder of the match Isildur1 slowly but surely built up more and more of a lead, finally ending up with a $410.7k win.

With yesterday's win, Isildur1 is now the first player this year to go over $1m in profit.

The other six figure winners yesterday both came from the $2k/$4k 2-7 TD tables. ragen70's $150k win over Isildur1 was good enough for second on the leaderboard, followed by taktloss47 who won $121k against Gus Hansen during a 90 minute evening match.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$813.4k

ragen70 +$150.4k

taktloss47 +$121.1k

M.O.P +$92.7k

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