$50m Royal Poker Challenge Update

Confirmation from the hosts, the mystery ensues!

Late last week we covered the story that tournament director David Chen had announced details of a $1m buy-in, winner take all tournament, where the eventual victor would take home a record breaking $50m prize, but also that we were rather – to say the least - suspicious of its potential to unravel as an elaborate hoax.

The tournament is said to be open on an invitation only basis - featuring wealthy business people from around the globe, top poker professionals, Hollywood stars and European royalty - and Chen claims that 48 people have already registered, but insists he must refrain from divulging any names for privacy reasons.

Details remain sketchy and largely under wraps, but PokerNews – “after exchanging e-mails with Chen” – has reportedly reached out to the alleged hosts of the event, The Star Hotel and Casino in Sydney, and found that there is in fact an event booked by the Rainbow Company – which was named as responsible for funding the event by Chen in the original press release - for March 30th.

According to PokerNews, they were also able to get a confirmation of the function from a spokesperson with the casino on Wednesday.

Considering that the vast majority of the poker community had all but written the tournament off as a myth, this is a strange turn of events indeed.

With a little more than two months left before d-day, it’s still anyone’s guess as to whether or not the ludicrous notion turned exciting prospect will actually become a reality. 


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