OtB_RedBaron Wins $129k at $100/$200 NLHE

OtB_RedBaron's exploits at PokerStars $100/$200 NLHE tables made him yesterday's only six figure winner

The highstakes action over at Full Tilt slowed to a trickle yesterday with Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene's $46k win at $200/$400 PLO being the biggest score of the day, with the only six figure winner coming from the NLHE tables of PokerStars. OtB_RedBaron made the biggest profit yesterday with a $129.1k coming from the $100/$200 NLHE ring games.

OtB also played some $50/$100 NLHE and PLO, although his profits can be traced to the 527 hands of $100/$200 NLHE he played, across seven tables in a two hour period yesterday afternoon.

The games were all played at the six max tables but were mainly three or four handed featuring some combination of OtB_RedBaron, wilhasha, forhayley, Lottenice, and RaulGonzales

His biggest win was a $52k win from a 24 minute session at table Irpedina III, where he also won the biggest pot of the day:

OtB_RedBaron four-bets preflop with KK and is called by wilhasha. wilhasha then bets three streets with his JJ, including a shove on the river which his opponent quickly calls - $69.3k pot

OtB-RedBaron also won the only other pot above $50k yesterday, this time at table Spiridonia II:

A great flop for RaulGonzales KK as OtB_RebBaron flops top pair on a 4 10 Q board. However, a 9 on the river gives OtB an unlikely two pair and he snap calls RaulGonzales $24k river shove to take down this $51.3k pot

There were no other six figure winners yesterday, with JLlama taking second spot on the daily leaderboard with a $76.2k win at PokerStars 8-Game tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

OtB_RedBaron +$129.1k

JLlama +$76.2k

LewisFriend +$69.9k

Lottenice +$58.5k

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