Alot of great Texas NL action on FTP yesterday

present has been running quite bad this year and was at one point down close to a million so it was very fun to see that he was doing well on the $200/400 heads up sessions against ImTheFranchise where he won about $160k. He also won about $50k from whitelime.

Here is the largest hands from these two sessions:

 present is allin preflop against ImTheFranchise, $91k pot
 present wins another allin preflop, this time with a pair of jacks, $94k pot

But his total profit was only about $100k since he lost two $300/600 sessions against trex313:

 trex313 makes a very good call on the river, $146k pot
 trex313 wins a coinflip against present, $135k pot

 Complete results from yesterdays Texas NL sessions

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