PokerStars Falls Shy of World Record, Players Sue Borgata over Counterfeit Chip Debacle

13,382 players short of history!

It was just yesterday that we were hailing online poker’s industry giant, turning our noses up at the notion that PokerStars could possibly fail to meet its guarantee having announced that at least $8m in prizes would be dished out for the Sunday Million’s 8th anniversary. But, alas, even Stars can’t shine bright all the time.

On Sunday, PokerStars attempted to beat its own record – set last year - of 225,000 entries for the world’s largest poker tournament, but fell short after the final tally of players reached “just” 211,619.

PokerStars had guaranteed a $300,000 prize pool in return for entry fees of just $1 per player; registration was capped at 230,000 entries, meaning Stars would voluntarily induce an overlay of at least $70,000.

One person who definitely won’t be sweating the failed record, or the rather large bill for the event, is German player ‘Dal2009’, who after just four hours of lightening fast action managed to top the six figure field and capture the $25,000 top prize.

According to a recent article by Jennifer Bogdan of the Press of Atlantic City, more than 4,000 players who entered Event 1 at the Borgata Winter Open have filed a class-action lawsuit against the casino on grounds of insufficient security and supervision.

Back in January, 42 year old Christian Lusardi – who has a history in gambling related crime - was arrested and charged with rigging a publicly exhibited contest when plumbers discovered nearly $3m in fake tournament chips clogging the pipes beneath his hotel room.

The tournament was eventually suspended and its prize money frozen as a result of the fake chips that Lusardi had introduced into play; which was embarrassing enough for the hosts, but now numerous participants have come forward to claim that they’d noticed counterfeit chips in play and that their cries had – for too long - fallen on deaf ears.  

“Refunds for players’ buy-ins and entry fees, as well as reimbursement for incidental damages (travel costs) are named as claims of relief in the suit”, said Bruce LiCausi, attorney of Jacob Musterel who reportedly leads the angry mob.


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