"DrUPSWING" Wins Sunday Million 8th Anniversary, Full Tilt Money Returned to "jungleman12" and more

DrUPSWING takes down Sunday Million 8th Anniversary tournament.
Daniel Cates happy to get his hard-earned money back.

Sunday Million's 8th Anniversary tournament ended on Monday morning, after "DrUPSWING" of Germany took down the title for $1,038,540.31.

The tournament ended up easily topping its $8,000,000 guarantee - a total of 46,586 players paid the $215 buy-in, which created a total prize pool of $9,317,200.

It took approximately 15 hours to determine the winner, and after the heads-up play began, a deal was struck between the two German players - "DrUPSWING" and "hdjgkfkgsdl".

After the deal was made, "DrUPSWING" was able to take down the title and over one million dollars.

Final results for Sunday Million 8th Anniversary tournament:

Players: 46,586
Prize pool: $9,317,200.00
Places paid: 5,997

1. DrUPSWING (Germany) -- $1,038,540.31*
2. hdjgkfkgsdl (Germany) -- $877,090.19*
3. cynfarAA (Netherlands) -- $554,373.40
4. MRJ1111 (Estonia) -- $374,458.26
5. Kukoc69 (Croatia) -- $283,522.39
6. temp0r2k (United Kingdom) -- $221,749.36
7. pinkfinger (Switzerland) -- $172,647.71
8. Uninc257 (Germany) -- $137,242.35
9. pads1161 (United Kingdom) -- $110,874.68

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $160,000 in play for the winner


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