Trueteller Beats yurasov 1990 for $200k at NLHE & Gus Wins Big

Gus Hansen was the biggest winner over at Full Tilt yesterday
Trueteller was the day's biggest winner yesterday after winning $200k from yurasov1990

In a bit of a break from the last week or so, yesterday's biggest winner came from the high stakes tables over at PokerStars, where Trueteller ended the day a $173.9k winner, after taking c.$200k from yurasov1990 at the $50/$100 NLHE tables.

The pair played heads-up for seven hours, playing either two or three tables simulaneously from late afternoon until past midnight. In total they played at six tables heads-up, with Trueteller winning at five of them, with three scores of over $50k, the biggest an $81k win at table Menchib II.

Trueteller also won PokerStars biggest pot of the day during his match with yurasov1990:

Trueteller jams the river after making a flush and yurasov makes a failed hero call with second pair - $56.8k pot

The day's other two six figure winners both came from Full Tilt's $2k/$4k 2-7 TD tables.

Both winners made thier biggest scores in four handed matches played between Gus Hansen, ragen70, Isildur1, and jungleman12. Hansen was the biggest winner with a total daily haul of $172.6k, and he made most of his money from an early hours session at table Upper where he won $129.9k. Hansen also enjoyed more success at both the TD and PLO tables later in the day to end up as Full Tilt's biggest winner.

ragen70 made another six figure score at the TD tables yesterday, winning a total of $115.9k. He didn't have a great strt to the day, losing close to $50k in the aforementioned early morning match at table Upper. However, he more than made up for this loss, winning $164.9k from a little over two hours evening play at table Pikedale.

The biggest loser of the day was once again Isildur1, who is now over $100k down on the year, after winning over $2m in January. It will be little consolation of course, but Isildur1 did win the biggest pot from the high stakes play yesterday during the session at table Pikedale:

Isildur1 ends up with an easy win over Gus Hansen in this hotly contested $64k pot

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Trueteller +$173.9k

Gus Hansen +$172.6k

ragen70 +$115.9k

Crazy Elior +$50.3k

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