Full Tilt Poker set to introduce new ‘Flipout’ tournaments tomorrow

Is this the flippin’ future of poker?

According to a recent article by PokerNews, as of Wednesday, March 19th, Full Tilt Poker will be introducing ‘Flipout’ tournaments to their schedule – tournaments that allow players to coin flip their way straight into the money, and then play normal poker from that point onward.

So, during the first round of a ‘Flipout’ format, players – as you would do in a normal flip tournament – go all-in no matter what they are dealt and a winner on each table emerges.

But where in a normal flip tournament this pattern would continue, in a ‘Flipout’, surviving players resume the competition under normal tournament poker standards.

The catch is purely that if you do manage to survive that critical first coin flip, you are automatically in the money positions.

"The time saving of a Flipout is obvious, but a bit less obvious is what happens after the flip round”, Sarne Lightman, Full Tilt Poker’s Head of Marketing told PokerNews.

“You’ll be in the money of a potentially large tournament and nobody has actually played a hand yet. This means the average skill level when you hit the money will be the same as the average skill level at the start of the tournament, which is very different from a standard tournament."

Lightman then went on to add that Full Tilt would be starting off with 81-man SNG’s as one of the options, where the nine coin flip winners would go on to play a normal final table for the lion’s share of the prize pool.

But the question of course becomes - how profitable can it be in the long run if you’re constantly relying on coin flips?

If you fancy finding out for yourself, Full Tilt Poker will be hosting a four day Flipout Festival starting this Friday, where $25,000 will be added in cash prizes across 108 tournaments and 12 events.


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