Two very nice $100/200 sessions on Microgaming

We had two very nice sessions on $100/200 on the Microgaming network yesterday and the first match was between ____IQ____ and -NoName- and IQ managed to win about $120k in two hours of playing:

 _____IQ____ hits top pair with a open ended straight draw, $37k pot
 _____IQ____ is allin preflop with his pair of jacks, $38k pot

But, later on IQ played against Hades_AA and this time it didn't work out that well. Hades_AA won $80k in just about one hour, here is two of the largest hands from this session:

 Hades_AA makes a very nice call on the river, $79k pot
 Hades_AA wins another hand, almost a replay on the hand above, $53k pot

 Complete results from yesterdays sessions

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