Hansen (Gus) And Trickett Running Well At EPT Vienna 2014

Chip leader Sebastien Trisch
Gus is still going strong after day 2

A few last chance hyper turbo satellites added some extra entries to the total number of runners on day 2 of the EPT Vienna main event, and there were also some latecomers who for one reason or another decided to buy in for the full amount before the day started.

Dan Cates was one of those but he failed to make it past the first level of the day, although he certainly did nothing wrong when he found himself on the wrong end of a massive cooler. He had pocket kings versus aces, which is usually enough of a cooler by itself, but both hands went on to make sets on the flop after Cates just flat called the initial raise and unsurprisingly all the money went in with jungleman almost drawing dead.  

He was in good company as plenty of high profile players also departed from this tournament on day 2 including Philipp Gruissem, Ole Schemion, Eugene Katchalov and Steve O’Dwyer. The Full Tilt Two are still going however, and Gus Hansen’s apparent desire to play every hand worked out well for him as he bagged up 221,000 (92 BBs) by the close of play. Viktor Blom is below the average stack (144,444) with his 93,400, but he is far from being desperate and much could change on day 3.

Meanwhile Sam Trickett could be on the verge of breaking through the $20 million in tournament cashes mark after he had a good day to finish on 290,000 (121 BBs.) He needed a slice of luck along the way though having got it in with {9-Clubs}{9-Hearts} against {q-Diamonds}{q-Spades}, hitting the {9-Spades} straight away on the flop during a hand in which he eliminated two players. That leaves him fairly close to adding to his career earnings as we are down to 189 players with 135 getting paid.

Trickett’s stack is undoubtedly one of the bigger ones in this tournament although he is still some way behind the chip leader who is Germany’s Sebastien Trisch who has amassed 568,500. Selected stacks from day 2:

Sebastien Trisch              568,500

Sam Trickett                      290,000

Gus Hansen                     221,000

Alexander Kravchenko    172,000

Marcel Luske                    122,800

When players return for day 3 we’ll see the paid positions reached and further updates will follow once the action is complete for the day.


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