Kristy Arnett leaves PokerNews, Ivey Poker publicises ‘top 5 online poker tells’

Kristy Arnett: sponsorship material

After a four year stint that saw her become one of the game’s most recognisable and popular on-screen personalities, the talented poker playing, writing, reporting hybrid that is Kristy Arnett has decided to part ways with PokerNews.

“I’m addressing you in this video today to share my decision to leave my full time position at PokerNews. I say that with a ton of excitement at what’s to come but also with a heavy heart because the company has really become my family.”

In her farewell video to the community, Arnett was also adamant that her split from the media side of the game did not mean that she would be stepping away altogether.

And with a Mini FTOPS title and one on one coaching from the likes of Andrew ‘Baluga Whale’ Seidman already to etched on her CV, don’t be too surprised to find us reporting that she’s bagged a pro sponsorship in the coming months.

If you’re just starting up playing poker on the web and want some insight into how winning players see the game or read their opponents, there’s no better place to start than the mind of Ivey – the most successful internet player of all time with nearly $20m in winnings - (and friends).

His new training site boasts his own pick of the best players on the planet and they’ve kindly pooled their knowledge and experience to provide the community with a free glimpse at their top tips for picking up tells over the net.

Check out what they came up with here.


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