French high stakes poker player Cyril Mouly attacked in Paris, driver killed

Mouly on the Million Dollar Cash game in 2009

According to an article on French site, 38 year old high stakes poker player Cyril Mouly and his driver were attacked by two men masked by helmets on their way home from a party in Paris during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Mouly, who has been immortalised in poker forums around the internet for his inability to fold weak top pair hands in huge pots, is primarily known for his participation in the “big game” in Las Vegas and for an appearance in Season 4 of the Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Game TV show.

But away from the felt, the Frenchman has developed something of a shady reputation. He and his driver – a 60 year old man reportedly well known by police – were both on trial in Bordeaux last month facing fraud charges. 

Having fended off his attackers during the assault earlier this week, Mouly managed to escape to a local police station in a bid to get help, but on his return, he found his driver lying motionless on the ground having received a dozen stab wounds to his chest and neck – he died from his wounds just minutes later.

Police are investigating the case but cannot confirm whether the attack was random, or in some way related to the charges that Mouly and the victim were facing.


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