Trueteller Beats samrostan for $700k

Trueteller put a beatdown on samrostan yesterday, winning $700k from the Macau based player at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables

German pro Trueteller rakced up a huge $700k win over samrostan yesterday at the $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables and is now up close to $1m for the week.

The pair played three big sessions, with Trueteller winning all three with six figure scores. Their first session was a breakfast time 1hr 40min game at table Fiesta, where Trueteller won $378k in 338 hands. The pair then swapped to the $500/$1000 CAP PLO tables, where samrostan wrestled back around $50k from another 1hr 40 min session.

It was then back to the Triple Draw tables where Trueteller won back to back sessions. Firstly a $223k two hours session at table Honduras, then it was back to table Fiesta, where the young German won another $125k in yet another 1hr 40 min session. In total, Trueteller won $696.5k from samrostan.

Next up was Phil "Polarizing" Ivey. Ivey hasn't been having a good time on or offline lately, with big losses at Full Tilt Poker, and impending court cases regarding his alleged "edge sorting" escapades at both UK and US based casinos. Yesterday, however, he was back to winning ways, ending the day up $252.2k after wins a both the Triple Draw and 8-Game tables. Most of his profit can be attributed to a $204k heads-up session of $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw against Dan "jungleman12" Cates from a 1hr 40minutes pre-dawn game.

The mixed games brought two big winners in the form of trex313 and Niki Jedlicka. Hac "trex313" Dang was the biggest 8-Games winner, earning $184.4k during some afternoon sessions playing against Jedlicka, Crazy Elior, and PostflopAction. Jedlicka won $105.8k from the same sessions and is now up close to $1.5m in the last two weeks.

One of the biggest pots of the day also came from the 8-Game tables of Full Tilt. It occurred during the $300/$600 PLO round of a morning game:

Crazy Elior flopped two pair holds up through two runs of the river, with samrostan failing to hit either his flush or wrap draw - $137k pot

There were also some big winners over at PokerStars. 26071985 won $151.9k in the $200/$400 NLHE ring games, and St1ckman won $113k inthe $1k/$2k FLHE games, taking his money from KPR16 and Aron0621.

The NLHE games at PokerStars also gave us some big pots, including the biggest of the day:

Aron0621 is incredibly lucky as he goes all in on an 8 high flop holding pocket Jacks, only to be called by fish2013's pocket rockets. However, a third Jack hits the turn and this $145.5k pot goes to Aron0621

In this pot, Ike Haxton flops a baby flush, eventually getting it all in vs muha84 on the turn. Unfortunately for Haxton the 8h 6h Ah 8d board had made muha84 quad 8's and he easily took down this $123.2k pot

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Trueteller +$696.5k

Polarizing +$252.2k

trex313 +$184.4k

26071985 +$151.9k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.



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