Denoking Wins $191.3k at No Limit Hold'em

Denoking was yesterday's biggest winner after a near +$200k session at the $400/$800 NLHE tables yesterday

Yesterday saw two big winners emerge fom the $400/$800 NLHE ring games, with both Denoking and Trueteller racking up decent six figure scores.

There were two tables of $400/$800 running yesterday, although both players won big from a 3hr 20min session at table Matilija. Denoking won $196.5k from the session (ending the day up $191.3k), and Trueteller won $187k from the session (ending the day up $173.9k).

Both MalACEsia and proudlikeagoat ended up six figure losers from the session.

Denoking and Trueteller also won the biggest pots of the day:

Denoking flops a high flush draw after ending up in a 5-bet pot preflop holding just Qs 10s. He makes the flush on the turn and gets paid of big by proudlikeagoat - $210.7k pot

Trueteller makes the most of his pocket rockets, check raising MalACEsia big on the river to take down this $128.8k pot

The other six figure winner yesterday was Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius, who won $117.7k from a combination of PLO and 2-7 Triple Draw. He won $35k playing $200/$400 CAP PLO against Niki Jedlicka, and another $20k playing Ingenious89 and Doorbread, and won most of his 2-7 TD money playing Trueteller heads-up at $1k/$2k and $1500/$3000.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Denoking +$191.3k

Trueteller +$173.9k

FinddaGrind +$117.7k

thecortster +$92k

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